The University integrates certifications into the university curriculum. Eachstudent can choose to promote the skills acquired by investing inactivities complementary which give rise to certifications by course.The University has its own certification centers (like CISCO). It has centers inpartnership with external organizations (AMIDEAST center, ISET Rades ..). It hasdeveloped the programs of these certifications (such as SOLIDWORKS) to assess the knowledge and know-how with BS software
Linguistic certificationsThe Test of English for International Communication tests (TOEIC) are standardized certifications for assessing the levelEnglish non-English speakers both in writing and speaking.
Professional certifications Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, Maintenance of computers, Installing networks, English attack. MIT allows alltechnicians and engineers to prepare their Cisco-CCNA, CCIE certifications following aofficial training (Cisco).