This challenge presents in a simple and didactic way, the methodology ofresearch, value drivers, success factors, which reflectthe excellence of the quality of the projects and the vision of excellence of the UM. YouFind the Book of Challenge I Final Version.

The Mediterranean University (UM), organized its annual event: TheVirtual Open Days (JPO) which took place on 6, 7 and 8May. This event is part of the affirmation of the positioning ofthe Mediterranean university in the digital ecosystem in Tunisia andconsolidates the links between training, researchscientist, business and society. You find the Book of Daysopen doors .

The Trades and Innovation Days took place on the 13th, 14th and 15thMay. This event aims to provide information on trades, based ontestimonials from professionals. and You find the Book of DaysTrades.

Challenge II: Smart Applications and Process Automation

The Innovation Challenge in Smart Applications and Process Automation Emphasizes the transversality of the creative sector and its ability to promote innovation especially in these times of crisis.

It brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, start-ups,developers, companies…. to determine the mechanisms, tools andsupport and promotion solutions for all sectors and itsactors

The aim is to work in collaboration with universities toidentify sustainable scientific and technological solutions andscalable to accelerate the innovation of products responding toneeds.

This call for papers:Smart Applications and Process Automation fromThe Mediterranean University will invite innovators to come up with ideasand new and practical solutions with the potential for expansion andreproduction on a larger scale.

Co-published by the Mediterranean University and the REMEREG Network

The UM II Innovation challenge calls for innovative solutions in fiveareas:

Health system efficiency

Energetic efficiency

Mining efficiency

Efficiency of the agro-food chain and biotechnologies

Efficiency of the educational and social system and (Economy inspiration)


Who can participate?

    We are open to all ideas and solutions, whatever theirstage of development.

    It can be an innovation at an early stage or more advanced

    They can be the idea of ​​one person or involve an effort ofcollaboration of different actors, such as research institutes,academic organizations private sector companies ....

What will the winner get?

Support from partners to promote and developyour innovative solution;

Coaching for the preparation of the presentation pitch, giving a vision360 ° structured innovation methods. Candidates learn toanalyze complex problems and solve them creatively,iterative and multidisciplinary.

Participation in our CITI innovation research unit: the winnerwill receive technical support to transform their idea into a ready-to-go prototypeto be flown.

Global visibility: the winner will receive visibility for their idea, includingincluding an invitation to its solution from partners and sponsorspotentials, press articles in the media, videos, betweenothers.


Key dates

Initiating the call: November 16, 2020

Deadline for submission of ideas by authors: February 8, 2021 (midnight)

Jury meeting for the preselection of innovative ideas by theme(1st evaluation): 09 and 10 February 2021

Support for preselected projects in the drafting of thefull application: until February 17, 2021

Oral presentation (2nd assessment): 18-19-20 February 2021

Announcement of five finalists from each axis winners: February 22, 2021at 15h

The five best candidates from each axis will be invited by the UMfor the CITI international conference; oral presentation (3rd evaluation): thefive best candidates from each axis will be invited by MIT for theMIT II Innovation Challenge final. Each candidate will have 15minutes to present your innovation to an audience and a jury of expertsInternational. Presentation can be in English or French.

Announcement of the winners: March 6, 2021 the expert juryinternationals will determine the winners; the first, the second, thethird, fourth and fifth place on the basis of criteriadefined.

Prize giving: March 6, 2021.

Any question relating to the call for papers in general or to the processapplication: .


The first place of each 1 axis will have 500dt. Also the five best projects selected by the international jury on 06March during the congress will be compensated and accompanied for othersoutlook.

    1st place of each axis 500 TND

    2nd place on each axis500 TND

    3rd place on each axis500 TND

    4th place on each axis 500 TND

    5th place of each ax 500 TND

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic facing the whole world,the Mediterranean University (UM), faithful to its values ​​of solidarity andsharing, has set up a vast action plan for itsmember establishments and their partners.

Among the planned actions, the UM is proposing a call for national projectsexceptional with an expedited and simplified submission process,evaluation and selection to support the many initiativeslinked to the pandemic that are hatching in a very responsive university space,ingenious and responsible which relies on collaborative networksparticularly creative students, teachers, researchers andinnovative.

The international call for projects is aimed at teachers,researchers, technological players, and innovative companies, which,wish to develop applications or prototypes that can limitthe impact of Covid-19.

The results obtained after the deliberations of the Juries on the 32 projectsproposed. There are 11 winning projects; which continue to benefit fromthe support and funding of the UM until the implementation andmoving from an application or a prototype to a reality.

This challenge presents in a simple and didactic way, the methodology ofresearch, value drivers, success factors, which reflectthe excellence of the projects and the vision of excellence of the UM.



Projet 1


Projet 2





Prédiction des nombres d’infectés, des morts, de guérison

Covid 19 et économie tunisienne

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