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Mediterranean Institute Of Tunisia

Seniority and Quality

Founded in 2004 in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean network forteaching and research in economics and management, the Universityprivate Tunisian, MIT (Mediterranean Institute Of Tunisia) succeeds in obtainingwide recognition. The network to which it belongs brings togetherpublic and private universities in Europe, North America andTunisian. The private university of Tunis issues Tunisian diplomasfirst and then Europeans (for those who wish) and take advantagefull of the dynamism of European universities.


The Mediterranean University delivers diplomas approved by the State ofUndergraduate Doctorate. This is a first in Tunisia. Immediatelyoperational, the University diploma meets the requirements ofcompanies, banks, institutions, schools and universitiesMediterranean

Distance Learning

MIT has a distance education platform and advisorseducational covering all training programs and coursesflexible for those who work.


Offer this sesame across Africa for free to all over 1000Classes.

Free places for our face-to-face lessons.

Study grant and free places and access to our modules from the end of the yearE-learning and on-site.

Double degree course (recognized by the European Union).

Open Summer University: free courses.

International teaching staff: Tunisian, European and American with aadvice including Nobel Prize winners.

Free accommodation in Nabeul during the school year.

Engineering cycles, Licenses, Masters (Tunisians and French).

Scientific Review with Nobel Prize winners.

Doctorate in Business Administration (IESCCI, Toulon, France).

Alternate Training and Sponsorship

Development of Business Skills and Employability

State-of-the-art industrial equipment.



  • Specialization : Choisir la formation appropriée dans notre menu de presque 50 formations en IT, Management, Finance, ingénierie, ingénieur, dans nos Business Schools, Business Law and Politics, Engineering School. Innovation, technology and Science.
  • Professionalization : High degree of technicality; state-of-the-art equipment, course certifications, web 3., industry 4.0, real-time trading room and simulation equipment, laboratories and workshops,
  • Internationalization : Mobilité de nos étudiants et possibilité de Double cursus et diplôme en Europe, Asie, Amérique du Nord.
  • Stages et placement des étudiants en Tunisie et à l’étranger : l’étudiant peut débter en Tunisie et continuer avec nos partenaires du réseau REMEREG dans le cadre de l’internationalisation.
  • MIT Incubator : Lancer votre innovation project dans MIT Incubator


    L’université offre des diplômes agréés par l’État en plus des certifications, des stages en Tunisie et à l’étranger.

    The establishment of a skills framework, mobility processes,skills management, certifications and accreditationspromote interaction between academia and the professional world.

    The university supports students in their professional projects byTunisia and internationally.

Avec MIT Design your life