What is a project or a graduation thesis?

The graduation project or the graduation thesis is a written assignment,compulsory in training at license (PFE) or master (dissertation) level.It is about carrying out rigorous reflection and analysis atfrom a question related to the chosen path.

LC is an introductory piece of research. The PFE is written at the end oflicense while the thesis is written at the end of the master and consists of aresearch and further study.

In both cases, the student is required to develop a problematicbased on a specific professional situation. After collecting theempirical and theoretical data, their analysis and relationship,the student will translate the progress of his reflection around aproblem.

Role of the supervisor:

The supervisor advises and guides the student. He is responsible for respecting theethical and deontological rules in the conduct of aresearch (authorizations prior to the exploratory investigation, guarantee ofconfidentiality in the modalities of transmission of information).

Its role is to:

1 - support the student in the research methodology
2 - guide him from documents written by the student, without intervening inthe final drafting of the PFE or the dissertation
3 - advise him in his research
4 - monitor compliance with the deadlines imposed by the administration
5 - ensure with each supervised student at least 3 meetingsindividual and ensure traceability
6 - evaluate the IEP or the thesis
7 - attend the defense of the PFE or the thesis

Dix conseils pour la soutenance

Before the defense

Write a summary of your PFE / dissertation

Practice presenting it to an audience on timebut avoid learning it by heart

Sleep early the day before the defense

Relax on the day of the defense and take a complete and light meal

Watch out for too much caffeine or energy drinks thatmay stress you out


Defense day

    Show up well groomed and with presentable clothes (no shortsor flip flops for example)

    Be smiling and respectful towards the jury

    Speak calmly. Don't hesitate to be silent for a few seconds.after expressing an important idea. Breathe.

    Look at all the members of the jury in turn. Each of them deserves thatyou paid attention to him at one time or another

    Don't fear the jury. The jury members are there to listen to you, tolearn more about the topic you are presenting