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History of the REMEREG Network.

The Euro-Mediterranean Network REMEREG is based on:
  • The Mediterranean Association of Finance, Insurance and Management (AMFAM)
  • Association Loi 1901, non-profit under French law

Other institutions have recently expressed their desire and wish to dopart of the Network.

History of the Mediterranean University

The private Mediterranean University of Tunisi was founded in 2004 in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Networkfor Education and Research in Technology-Economics-Technologies andManagement, REMEREG.

The REMEREG network also helped to set up UMLT Nabeul (MITNabeul), UMLT Montplaisir Tunis (MIT Tunis) and Ecole PolytechniqueMediterranean, Tunis, EPM (MIT polytech). These different institutionsare independent. This network brings together public and private universitiesEuropean, North American and Tunisian. REMEREG and and its membersdeliver diplomas approved by the State. The growing success of traininghas placed them since 2005 among the most important in Tunisia.

he REMEREG network delivers diplomas approved byState of the first cycle with the title of engineer and doctorate of third cycle(by French partners) in Europe.

Immediately operational, the University diploma meets the requirementscompanies, banks, institutions, schools and universitiesMediterranean.

Each university member of the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Education andresearch in Technology-economics-Technologies and management, REMEREG,allows its students access to network resources and access toresearch databases like JSTOR, Data stream, Diane, etc.

  • REMEREG has access to Cyberlibris and online digital librariespartner universities.
  • REMEREG also allowed its students to participate in conferencesinternationals that she co-organizes.
  • REMEREG also allows students and teachers to present theirworks and publish them in international journals.
  • REMEREG also finances research trips for its teachers andstudents in Tunisia and France.

Individual support throughout schooling plays a rolefundamental in the construction of the professional and academic project ofthe student. The acquisition of skills accompanies the developmentstaff.

The programs thus allow everyone to achieve their aspirationsprofessional ..

  • Practice-oriented training that uses simultaneouslyIT, management and essential case studies in micro andin macroeconomics, in international economics, in accounting and finance, inbusiness economics, in history of thought, in techniquequantitative, in English to guarantee them the best level ofknowledge at this stage of their course ..
  • A truly bi-disciplinary training in Economics and Management thanks to aSubstantial volume of Management education in the three years of the license.
  • Great flexibility in the choice of optional subjects in order topromote the development of differentiated profiles more adaptable tospecific demands of the labor market, while leaving choices ofspecialties are made by the selection of options drawn from fieldsneighbors of the crawl.

On the strength of its close cooperation with major universitiesinternational like the Cergy Pontoise University, Toulon, as well asthe Euro-Mediterranean network for teaching and research ineconomy-technologies and management, REMEREG, formed of 12 universitiesEuropean, North American and Tunisian public and private andseveral other university structures and research laboratoriesregional, it remains the only university in Tunisia that has alloweddouble professional masters courses (almost 250 executives in the systemInternational financier have graduated)

By enrolling at the Mediterranean University, students willthe opportunity to benefit from scientific and educational support fromtip provided by a body of eminent university teachers andprofessionals, carefully considered prices as well as personalized assistance in order toto guarantee good conditions of stay during the period of studies.