Each student intern must consult the Institute's website to download all the recommended parts and fill them in on hiscomputer after print them in Word version and send them in theirdeadlines and under the responsibility of the Internship Supervisor and the Supervisoreducational before presenting them for signature. No actionadministrative cannot be undertaken before having signed and delivered to thedirection of the courses the Charter duly signed.

The five pieces to use are as follows:

The internship charter:

1. The internship charter which specifies the role, rights and obligations ofeach of the speakers (nothing to fill in but must be annexed to theagreement after signature).

Download the internship notebook

The internship agreement:

2. The internship agreement which regulates cooperation between the establishmenthigher education and the internship terms to be done: thisagreement once signed, the student awaits the posting of the assignmenteducational supervisors to contact his).

Download the internship agreement.

The student must complete the internship agreement under the direction ofresponsible for the host organization and its university supervisoronce signed in triplicate (with their Charter attached), a copywill be given to the host organization and two copies for theinternships at the Institute before the end of the first month of internship.

The internship notebook:

3. The internship notebook which is the internal control tool managing the internship and theintern within the company and with the educational supervisor: thisnotebook must be established provisionally in two (02) copies; one copysigned for the internship supervisor, and a copy for the student who presents itto its educational supervisor and its internship supervisor at each meeting ofwork or control. At the end of the internship the student gathers all thedata in a final version which will be written on a computer and correctedby his two guardians.

Download the internship notebook.

A. The student must keep a copy of his work experience book (and the Guideinternship) at the request of his educational supervisor and his master ofinternship so that it is completed and updated regularly.

B. At the end of the Internship, the student must type thecontent already recorded in pen to have a clean final version beforeto resubmit it to the signatories in triplicate (one forthe company and two for the Institute).

The internship guide

4. The internship guide, which helps the various stakeholders and above allthe student to make good use of his internship through advice and guidelinespresented. (this guide must be appended to the student's workbook,it is a memory aid for the practical part and which cannot under any circumstancesreplace the supervisor's instructions, especially in the theoretical part)

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the attendance sheet:

5.The attendance sheet in place of the Internship which guarantees and justifies thecourse of the internship and compliance with regulations: to be printed in severalcopies, or at the rate of one sheet per week except extensionjustified by the duration of the Internship)

Download the attendance sheet

The Attendance sheet must be checked and signed every day, withoutforget to provide a copy for the following week. (12 Cards for 12weeks)

Ultimately :

At the end of the Internship, the student must present the evaluation sheetCarefully completed on a computer except the Evaluation part which will becompleted in pen by company officials and signed in threecopies.

and email them to us at the following address ( as soon as the subject and internship information is provided.

Once all the procedures and tasks are completedthe host organization issues the student with an internship certificate, one of which iscopy will be submitted with the Internship file to the MIT administration (OfficeInternships), the internship agreement, the internship charter, the internship notebook,the 12-week attendance sheets, the evaluation sheet and a copyof the internship certificate will be required and noted in parallel during thedefense which will be graded in parallel with the thesis defense or PFE,and will be part of the equivalence file requested by the Ministry ofHigher education. So you have to take good care of it.

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